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Thursday, 25 August 2011

EXCLUSIVE: The Return of the Independent Movie

It's been a long time since a British independent film has really made it big - and I'm not talking independent films 'financed' by Film4 or supported by the UK Film Council, I'm talking micro-budget films. Films where some poor bastards have worked their socks off to save their own hard-earned cash; begged and borrowed (hopefully not stolen) to scrape together enough money to bring a story to life. Without further ado, I draw back the curtain and reveal One By One, a film that is desperate to bring back the success of independent films. 

In a Nutshell
A bold and divisive look into society as it exists today.

‘When the men behind the curtain run out of enemies, you’re next...’
‘Question everything’

“Jesus Christ, have we just all turned into the f*cking Waltons?? Man up.”

“The answers are out there. We can show you the door. It’s up to you to open it.”

It’s not very often that an independent, low-budget film manages to make it past being just that. However, Boiling Frog Films hopes to join the realm of indie films that have made it big, trundling along the narrow (and cheap!) path of self promotion and eager to attract the right interest in its socially contentious drama, One By One.

Director and Writer, Diane Jessie Miller, has used the film to convey a vision that is inspired by the ideology of the Zeitgeist Movement and the concept of a society that isn’t solely driven by money and material goods. With influences from the likes of The Matrix, Fight Club, as well as a flurry of dystopian vigilante movies, One By One is a controversial drama that sets out to challenge the socially accepted way of living.
The couple are stuck in the tiresome routine of day-to-day life and desperate for something more. The plot centres on the couple and how a few chance encounters can send their model life flying off the tracks, forcing them to ‘question everything’.

With a stellar and committed cast, including the likes of comedy legend Rik Mayall and a myriad of fresh faces such as Heather Wilson, Sean Meyer, Duncan Wigman and Katrina Nare, the film seems firmly set on making its mark. One By One promises to follow its independent film predecessors with confidence, gumption and a sheer determination to sky rocket and shock the industry. In a country that’s film council has failed it, One By One strives against the odds to not only make it onto the movie radar, but also to simultaneously challenge society.  Watch this space.

You can see the trailer, get more info and support the film here: http://www.onebyonethemovie.co.uk

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